Steel pipe weight tables

Pipe dimension and weight tables for different standards of steel alloy production

All available sizes and weights
Steel round pipes
Pipe name and dimensionsOutside diameter, mmWall thickness s, mmWeight per meter of pipeMeters of 1 tonStandard
21.3x221.320.9470 kg.1056 m.
21.3x2.621.32.61.2100 kg.826.4 m.
21.3x3. kg.900.9 m.
26.9x2.326.92.31.3800 kg.724.6 m.
27.9x2.627.92.61.5600 kg.641 m.
28.9x3. kg.534.8 m.
33.7x2.633.72.61.9800 kg.505.1 m.
33.7x3. kg.414.9 m.
33.9x433.942.9300 kg.341.3 m.
42.4x2.642.42.62.5100 kg.398.4 m.
42.4x3. kg.322.6 m.
42.4x442.443.7900 kg.263.9 m.
48.3x2.948.32.93.2300 kg.309.6 m.
48.4x3. kg.280.9 m.
48.5x448.544.3700 kg.228.8 m.
60.3x2.960.32.94.0800 kg.245.1 m.
60.4x3.660.43.65.0300 kg.198.8 m.
60.5x4.560.54.56.1900 kg.161.6 m.
76.1x3. kg.175.1 m.
76.2x3.676.23.66.4200 kg.155.8 m.
76.3x4.576.34.57.9300 kg.126.1 m.
88.1x488.148.3600 kg.119.6 m.
88.11x4.888.114.89.9000 kg.101 m.
88.9x3. kg.148.8 m.
101.6x3.6101.63.68.7000 kg.114.9 m.
101.7x4101.749.6300 kg.103.8 m.
101.8x4.8101.84.811.5000 kg.87 m.
114.3x3.6114.33.69.7500 kg.102.6 m.
114.3x4.5114.34.512.2000 kg.82 m.
114.3x5.4114.35.414.5000 kg.69 m.
127x4.51274.513.6000 kg.73.5 m.
127.1x4.8127.14.814.5000 kg.69 m.
127.2x5.4127.25.416.2000 kg.61.7 m.
139.7x4.5139.74.515.0000 kg.66.7 m.
139.8x4.8139.84.815.9000 kg.62.9 m.
139.9x5.4139.95.417.9000 kg.55.9 m.
152.4x4.5152.44.516.4000 kg.61 m.
152.5x4.8152.54.817.5000 kg.57.1 m.
152.6x5.4152.65.419.6000 kg.51 m.
165.1x4.5165.14.517.8000 kg.56.2 m.
165.1x5.9165.15.923.2000 kg.43.1 m.
165.2x4.8165.24.818.9000 kg.52.9 m.
165.2x6.3165.26.324.7000 kg.40.5 m.
165.3x5.4165.35.421.3000 kg.46.9 m.
165.3x8165.3831.0000 kg.32.3 m.
168.3x2.6168.32.610.6000 kg.94.3 m.
168.3x3.2168.33.212.0000 kg.83.3 m.
168.3x4168.3418.2000 kg.54.9 m.
168.3x4.5168.34.518.2000 kg.54.9 m.
168.3x4.5168.34.518.2000 kg.54.9 m.
168.3x4.8168.34.819.4000 kg.51.5 m.
168.3x5.4168.35.421.7000 kg.46.1 m.
168.3x6.3168.36.325.2000 kg.39.7 m.
193.7x4.8193.74.822.4000 kg.44.6 m.
193.8x5.4193.85.425.1000 kg.39.8 m.
193.9x5.9193.95.927.3000 kg.36.6 m.
219.1x2.6219.12.613.9000 kg.71.9 m.
219.1x3219.1319.1000 kg.52.4 m.
219.1x4.5219.14.523.8000 kg.42 m.
219.1x4.8219.14.825.4000 kg.39.4 m.
219.1x6.3219.16.333.1000 kg.30.2 m.
219.1x8219.1841.6000 kg.24 m.
219.1x10219.11051.6000 kg.19.4 m.
219.1x12219.11261.3000 kg.16.3 m.
219.2x5.6219.25.629.5000 kg.33.9 m.
219.3x5.9219.35.931.0000 kg.32.3 m.
244.5x5.9244.55.934.7000 kg.28.8 m.
273x3.62733.623.9000 kg.41.8 m.
273x4273426.5000 kg.37.7 m.
273x5273533.0000 kg.30.3 m.
273x5.92735.938.9000 kg.25.7 m.
273x6.32736.341.1000 kg.24.3 m.
273x8273852.3000 kg.19.1 m.
273.1x10273.11064.9000 kg.15.4 m.
273.1x12273.11277.2000 kg.13 m.
323.9x4323.9431.8000 kg.31.4 m.
323.9x4.5323.94.535.4000 kg.28.2 m.
323.9x5.6323.95.644.0000 kg.22.7 m.
323.9x6.3323.96.349.3000 kg.20.3 m.
323.9x7.1323.97.155.5000 kg.18 m.
323.9x8323.9862.3000 kg.16.1 m.
323.9x10323.91077.4000 kg.12.9 m.
323.9x12323.91292.3000 kg.10.8 m.
355.6x4355.6434.7000 kg.28.8 m.
355.6x5355.6543.2000 kg.23.1 m.
355.6x5.6355.65.648.3000 kg.20.7 m.
355.6x8355.6868.6000 kg.14.6 m.
355.6x8355.6868.6000 kg.14.6 m.
355.6x10355.61085.2000 kg.11.7 m.
355.6x12355.612102.0000 kg.9.8 m.
406.4x4406.4439.7000 kg.25.2 m.
406.4x5406.4549.5000 kg.20.2 m.
406.4x6.3406.46.362.2000 kg.16.1 m.
406.4x8.8406.48.886.3000 kg.11.6 m.
457x4457444.7000 kg.22.4 m.
457x5457555.7000 kg.18 m.
457x6.34576.370.0000 kg.14.3 m.
457x1045710110.0000 kg.9.1 m.
508x5508562.0000 kg.16.1 m.
508x5.65085.669.4000 kg.14.4 m.
508x6.35086.377.9000 kg.12.8 m.
508x1150811135.0000 kg.7.4 m.
610x5.86105.883.5000 kg.12 m.
610x6.36106.393.8000 kg.10.7 m.
610x12.561012.5184.0000 kg.5.4 m.
711x6.37116.3109.0000 kg.9.2 m.
711x7.17117.1123.0000 kg.8.1 m.
711x14.271114.2244.0000 kg.4.1 m.
813x7.18137.1141.0000 kg.7.1 m.
813x88138159.0000 kg.6.3 m.
813x1881318354.0000 kg.2.8 m.
914x89148179.0000 kg.5.6 m.
914x8.89148.8196.0000 kg.5.1 m.
914x1091410223.0000 kg.4.5 m.
914x17.591417.5387.0000 kg.2.6 m.
1016x8.810168.8219.0000 kg.4.6 m.
1016x10101610248.0000 kg.4 m.
1016x20101620491.0000 kg.2 m.
1067x8.810678.8230.0000 kg.4.3 m.
1067x10106710251.0000 kg.4 m.
1067x11106711186.0000 kg.5.4 m.
1118x8.811188.8241.0000 kg.4.1 m.
1118x10111810273.0000 kg.3.7 m.
1118x11111811300.0000 kg.3.3 m.
1219x10121910298.0000 kg.3.4 m.
1219x11121911328.0000 kg.3 m.
1219x12.5121912.5372.0000 kg.2.7 m.
1422x12.5142212.5435.0000 kg.2.3 m.
1422x14.2142214.2493.0000 kg.2 m.
1626x14.2162614.2564.0000 kg.1.8 m.
1626x16162616635.0000 kg.1.6 m.
1829x14.2182914.2634.0000 kg.1.6 m.
1829x16182916715.0000 kg.1.4 m.
1829x17.5182917.5782.0000 kg.1.3 m.
2032x16203216795.0000 kg.1.3 m.
2032x17.5203217.5869.0000 kg.1.2 m.
2032x20203220992.0000 kg.1 m.
2235x17.5223517.5957.0000 kg.1 m.
2235x202235201093.0000 kg.0.9 m.
2235x22.2223522.21211.0000 kg.0.8 m.
2540x202540201243.0000 kg.0.8 m.
2540x22.2254022.21379.0000 kg.0.7 m.
2540x252540251551.0000 kg.0.6 m.
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