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Fasteners calculator - a system that allows to accurately calculate the mass of nuts, screws and other fasteners for construction. It is distinguished by high accuracy of calculations, thanks to which the purchase of metal will be easy and transparent. Our service is constantly expanding the list of items for counting, so that you can easily calculate fasteners for buying, collecting or installing.

Fasteners calculator from quantity to weight and from weight to quantity. The service allows you to carry out accurate calculations to ensure comfortable conditions for buying or building.

Fasteners weight calculator usage

According to the established rules, predominantly all construction projects involve the calculation of fastening systems by the piece. Sometimes manufacturers and engineers indicate the weight of fasteners, which makes it necessary to recheck and carry out calculations in a different format. This is helped by this app, thanks to which anyone can carry out the necessary calculations of building materials.

Fasteners calculator: functional features The weight of fasteners on the calculator is calculated based on standards taken ISO, ASTM, DIN and others. Thanks to this approach and the integration of a modern system, the fastener calculator allows you to avoid possible mistakes when working with large orders and nomenclature.

The weight of the fasteners itself is calculated based on the data you have, which must be specified in the online fastener calculator app:

  • standard and type of fasteners;
  • diameter (mm);
  • length (mm);
  • raw materials;
  • the presence and type of protective coating;
  • quantity

Based on this data, the system calculates and gives out the weight of the fasteners. The calculator uses up-to-date calculation methods in its work and does not require downloading — it is enough to use the online application. You can find the suitable version above — we have collected the most relevant types of calculators that allow you to accurately determine the weight of bolts, screws, nuts and nails by their sizes.