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Number and weight of countersunk bolts, various technical standards
Countersunk bolt dimensions
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Tables of the weight of countersunk head bolts according to different DIN, ISO and other standards

Name and dimensions of the boltBolt length L, mmThread diameter D, mmWeight of 1000 pieces of boltsPieces per 1 kgDensity, kg / m³
Bolt M10x25251018.2000 kg.55 items7850
Bolt M10x30301020.7000 kg.48 items7850
Bolt M12x30301233.0000 kg.30 items7850
Bolt M10x35351023.2000 kg.43 items7850
Bolt M12x35351236.6000 kg.27 items7850
Bolt M10x40401025.7000 kg.39 items7850
Bolt M12x40401240.2000 kg.25 items7850
Bolt M10x45451028.8000 kg.35 items7850
Bolt M12x45451243.8000 kg.23 items7850
Bolt M10x50501031.9000 kg.31 items7850
Bolt M12x50501248.2000 kg.21 items7850
Countersunk boltCountersunk bolt

List of standards available in calculator and weight tables

  1. DIN 608 — Flat countersunk square neck bolts (with short square neck)