Flange nut calculator

Calculation of product weight and number of pieces by weight of flange nuts according to available ISO, DIN and other standards
Fastener with a hexagonal threaded hole combined with a washer
The guide does not yet contain information on this type of rolled metal product., please use the calculation by dimenisions, or report the name of the standard, and we will definitely add it
Flange nut dimensions
Price for 1 kg of nuts at the price of 1 piece     , $:n/a
The price of 1 nut at a price of 1 kg.     , $:n/a
Weight of 1000 nuts, kg.:n/a
The total number of nuts in 1 kg., items:n/a
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NameNut weight calculator (Flanged)
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Weight tables and number of flange nuts according to technical standards

Name and nut diameterNut diameter D, mmWeight of 1000 pieces of nutsPieces per 1 kgDensity, kg / m³
Nut M551.3900 kg.719 items7850
Nut M663.4500 kg.290 items7850
Nut M887.0600 kg.142 items7850
Nut M101011.0800 kg.90 items7850
Nut M121218.7800 kg.53 items7850
Nut M141429.1900 kg.34 items7850
Nut M161643.0100 kg.23 items7850
Nut M202083.4700 kg.12 items7850
Flanged nutFlanged nut