Pipe Weight Calculator - Round tube weight

Calculation of the weight of a meter of a round hollow sections made of various metals, weight tables and additional cost calculations by weight, length and other parameters
Product based on a closed hollow profile of constant circular cross-section.
The guide does not yet contain information on this type of rolled metal product., please use the calculation by dimenisions, or report the name of the standard, and we will definitely add it
Round pipe dimensions
Cost of a ton at a price of      per meter, $:n/a
Price per meter of pipe at the cost of a ton     , $:n/a
Total weight of 6 meters of pipe, kg.:n/a
Total length of 1000 kilograms of pipe, m.:n/a
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NamePipe weight calculator (Round)
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Popular pipe diameters in the world

  • 325x6
  • 159x3.5
  • 720x8
  • 108x4
  • 323.9x8

Tables of weight per meter of round pipes of various metals (steel, aluminium etc.) and alloys for available ISO, DIN and other standards

Pipe name and dimensionsOutside diameter, mmWall thickness s, mmWeight per meter of pipeMeters of 1 tonDensity, kg / m³
Pipe 4x0.540.50.0467 kg.21413.3 m.8500
Pipe 5x0.850.80.0891 kg.11223.3 m.8500
Pipe 6x0.560.50.0770 kg.12987 m.8900
Pipe 6x0.660.60.0910 kg.10989 m.8900
Pipe 6x1610.1400 kg.7142.9 m.8900
Pipe 9x0.290.20.0440 kg.22727.3 m.7900
Pipe 10x11010.2220 kg.4504.5 m.7850
Pipe 10x1.4101.40.2970 kg.3367 m.7850
Pipe 11x0.8110.80.2030 kg.4926.1 m.7900
Pipe 11x11110.2470 kg.4048.6 m.7850
Pipe 11x21120.5030 kg.1988.1 m.8900
Pipe 12x0.2120.20.0590 kg.16949.2 m.7900
Pipe 12x0.3120.30.0870 kg.11494.3 m.7900
Pipe 12x0.4120.40.1150 kg.8695.7 m.7900
Pipe 12x0.6120.60.1910 kg.5235.6 m.8900
Pipe 12x1.5121.50.3880 kg.2577.3 m.7850
Pipe 12x1.5121.50.3910 kg.2557.5 m.7900
Pipe 13x11310.2960 kg.3378.4 m.7850
Pipe 13x1.4131.40.4030 kg.2481.4 m.7900
Pipe 14x11410.2950 kg.3389.8 m.8900
Pipe 14x1.4141.40.4350 kg.2298.9 m.7850
Pipe 15x0.3150.30.1090 kg.9174.3 m.7900
Pipe 15x0.5150.50.1940 kg.5154.6 m.8500
Pipe 15x11510.3910 kg.2557.5 m.8900
Pipe 15x2.8152.80.8480 kg.1179.2 m.7900
Pipe 16x0.8160.80.3400 kg.2941.2 m.8900
Pipe 16x1.5161.50.5360 kg.1865.7 m.7850
Pipe 18x11810.4750 kg.2105.3 m.8900
Pipe 18x1.5181.50.6610 kg.1512.9 m.8500
Pipe 18x21820.7890 kg.1267.4 m.7850
Pipe 19x1.4191.40.6080 kg.1644.7 m.7850
Pipe 20x0.2200.20.0980 kg.10204.1 m.7900
Pipe 20x0.5200.50.2420 kg.4132.2 m.7900
Pipe 20x12010.4690 kg.2132.2 m.7850
Pipe 20x2.8202.81.1950 kg.836.8 m.7900
Pipe 21x1.8211.80.8580 kg.1165.5 m.7900
Pipe 22x1.2221.20.6160 kg.1623.4 m.7850
Pipe 22x1.5221.50.7580 kg.1319.3 m.7850
Pipe 22x2.8222.81.3800 kg.724.6 m.7850
Pipe 22x42241.9220 kg.520.3 m.8500
Pipe 23x1.4231.40.7510 kg.1331.6 m.7900
Pipe 23x42341.8860 kg.530.2 m.7900
Pipe 24x12410.5670 kg.1763.7 m.7850
Pipe 24x2.5242.51.5020 kg.665.8 m.8900
Pipe 25x0.8250.80.4800 kg.2083.3 m.7900
Pipe 25x2.2252.21.2400 kg.806.5 m.7850
Pipe 27x1.2271.20.7640 kg.1308.9 m.7850
Pipe 27x1.8271.81.1260 kg.888.1 m.7900
Pipe 28x0.8280.80.5400 kg.1851.9 m.7900
Pipe 28x22821.3880 kg.720.5 m.8500
Pipe 28x22821.4530 kg.688.2 m.8900
Pipe 29x2.5292.51.6300 kg.613.5 m.7850
Pipe 29x3.5293.52.3820 kg.419.8 m.8500
Pipe 30x1.2301.20.8520 kg.1173.7 m.7850
Pipe 30x1.5301.51.1410 kg.876.4 m.8500
Pipe 30x1.6301.61.1200 kg.892.9 m.7850
Pipe 30x23021.5650 kg.639 m.8900
Pipe 30x43042.7760 kg.360.2 m.8500
Pipe 32x1.8321.81.3400 kg.746.3 m.7850
Pipe 32x23220.5370 kg.1862.2 m.2850
Pipe 32x2.8322.82.0806 kg.480.6 m.7850
Pipe 32x3.2323.22.2870 kg.437.3 m.7900
Pipe 32x53253.6030 kg.277.5 m.8500
Pipe 33x1.5331.51.1700 kg.854.7 m.7850
Pipe 33x2.5332.51.8800 kg.531.9 m.7850
Pipe 33x3.5333.52.7560 kg.362.8 m.8500
Pipe 34x1.2341.20.9770 kg.1023.5 m.7900
Pipe 34x1.8341.81.4300 kg.699.3 m.7850
Pipe 34x23421.7880 kg.559.3 m.8900
Pipe 34x2.5342.52.2010 kg.454.3 m.8900
Pipe 34x2.8342.82.0900 kg.478.5 m.7850
Pipe 34x33432.2900 kg.436.7 m.7850
Pipe 34x43443.3540 kg.298.2 m.8900
Pipe 35x0.3350.30.2580 kg.3876 m.7900
Pipe 35x13510.9500 kg.1052.6 m.8900
Pipe 35x1.2351.21.0000 kg.1000 m.7850
Pipe 35x1.5351.51.2400 kg.806.5 m.7850
Pipe 35x63564.5440 kg.220.1 m.8500
Pipe 36x1.5361.51.2800 kg.781.3 m.7850
Pipe 36x73675.6730 kg.176.3 m.8900
Pipe 37x3.5373.53.1290 kg.319.6 m.8500
Pipe 40x44044.0240 kg.248.5 m.8900
Pipe 41.5x2.541.52.52.3700 kg.421.9 m.7850
Pipe 42x0.4420.40.4130 kg.2421.3 m.7900
Pipe 42x0.8420.80.9210 kg.1085.8 m.8900
Pipe 42x3.5423.53.5960 kg.278.1 m.8500
Pipe 42x64265.3610 kg.186.5 m.7900
Pipe 43x1.2431.21.2400 kg.806.5 m.7850
Pipe 43x2.2432.22.2100 kg.452.5 m.7850
Pipe 44.5x2. kg.436.7 m.7850
Pipe 45x0.5450.50.5520 kg.1811.6 m.7900
Pipe 45x1.4451.41.5150 kg.660.1 m.7900
Pipe 45x24520.7700 kg.1298.7 m.2850
Pipe 46x2.8462.82.9800 kg.335.6 m.7850
Pipe 48x14811.1600 kg.862.1 m.7850
Pipe 48x2.5482.52.8230 kg.354.2 m.7900
Pipe 48x34833.3300 kg.300.3 m.7850
Pipe 48x34833.7730 kg.265 m.8900
Pipe 48x44844.3680 kg.228.9 m.7900
Pipe 49x34933.4000 kg.294.1 m.7850
Pipe 50x2.5502.53.3190 kg.301.3 m.8900
Pipe 50x35033.4990 kg.285.8 m.7900
Pipe 50x35033.7630 kg.265.7 m.8500
Pipe 50x45044.9110 kg.203.6 m.8500
Pipe 50x1050103.5810 kg.279.3 m.2850
Pipe 51x3.2513.23.7700 kg.265.3 m.7850
Pipe 52x35231.3160 kg.759.9 m.2850
Pipe 52x55252.1040 kg.475.3 m.2850
Pipe 53x1.5531.51.9170 kg.521.6 m.7900
Pipe 53x25322.5200 kg.396.8 m.7850
Pipe 53x45344.8300 kg.207 m.7850
Pipe 54x0.8540.81.1890 kg.841 m.8900
Pipe 54x15411.3150 kg.760.5 m.7900
Pipe 54x2.8542.83.5580 kg.281.1 m.7900
Pipe 54x3.2543.24.0100 kg.249.4 m.7850
Pipe 55x1.6551.62.1100 kg.473.9 m.7850
Pipe 55x2.5552.53.2400 kg.308.6 m.7850
Pipe 55x55556.6720 kg.149.9 m.8500
Pipe 56x0.5560.50.6890 kg.1451.4 m.7900
Pipe 56x0.8560.81.0960 kg.912.4 m.7900
Pipe 56x1.2561.21.6320 kg.612.7 m.7900
Pipe 56x2.8562.83.6700 kg.272.5 m.7850
Pipe 56x55656.2900 kg.159 m.7850
Pipe 57x35734.0000 kg.250 m.7850
Pipe 57x3.5573.54.6200 kg.216.5 m.7850
Pipe 57x45745.2300 kg.191.2 m.7850
Pipe 57x55756.4100 kg.156 m.7850
Pipe 57x65767.5940 kg.131.7 m.7900
Pipe 57x85789.7290 kg.102.8 m.7900
Pipe 58x1558155.7750 kg.173.2 m.2850
Pipe 60x1.5601.52.1600 kg.463 m.7850
Pipe 60x3.2603.24.5110 kg.221.7 m.7900
Pipe 60x46045.9780 kg.167.3 m.8500
Pipe 60x56052.4620 kg.406.2 m.2850
Pipe 63x7.5637.510.3310 kg.96.8 m.7900
Pipe 64x2.5642.54.2970 kg.232.7 m.8900
Pipe 65x2.5652.53.8780 kg.257.9 m.7900
Pipe 65x7.5657.510.7030 kg.93.4 m.7900
Pipe 65x12.56512.55.8760 kg.170.2 m.2850
Pipe 70x1.6701.62.7000 kg.370.4 m.7850
Pipe 70x57058.6740 kg.115.3 m.8500
Pipe 70x2070208.9530 kg.111.7 m.2850
Pipe 73x47347.3550 kg.136 m.8500
Pipe 75x3.2753.25.6700 kg.176.4 m.7850
Pipe 75x47547.0480 kg.141.9 m.7900
Pipe 75x7.5757.513.5100 kg.74 m.8500
Pipe 76x1.6761.62.9400 kg.340.1 m.7850
Pipe 76x3.2763.25.7820 kg.173 m.7900
Pipe 76x3.5763.56.2600 kg.159.7 m.7850
Pipe 76x3.5763.56.2600 kg.159.7 m.7850
Pipe 76.1x1. kg.398.1 m.8900
Pipe 77x2.8772.85.1200 kg.195.3 m.7850
Pipe 80x38035.7000 kg.175.4 m.7850
Pipe 80x4.5804.58.4320 kg.118.6 m.7900
Pipe 83x58359.6200 kg.104 m.7850
Pipe 83x5.5835.510.5790 kg.94.5 m.7900
Pipe 84x884816.6580 kg.60 m.8500
Pipe 85x1.5851.53.5000 kg.285.7 m.8900
Pipe 85x12.58512.58.1140 kg.123.2 m.2850
Pipe 85x22.58522.537.5300 kg.26.6 m.8500
Pipe 87x38736.2100 kg.161 m.7850
Pipe 89x38936.3600 kg.157.2 m.7850
Pipe 89x3.5893.57.3800 kg.135.5 m.7850
Pipe 89x48948.3800 kg.119.3 m.7850
Pipe 89x48948.4380 kg.118.5 m.7900
Pipe 89x589510.3600 kg.96.5 m.7850
Pipe 89x5.5895.511.3980 kg.87.7 m.7900
Pipe 90x3.5903.57.4700 kg.133.9 m.7850
Pipe 90x4.5904.59.5490 kg.104.7 m.7900
Pipe 90x890816.2810 kg.61.4 m.7900
Pipe 90x22.59022.542.4400 kg.23.6 m.8900
Pipe 95x595511.1680 kg.89.5 m.7900
Pipe 95x17.59517.536.2000 kg.27.6 m.8500
Pipe 95x20952013.4300 kg.74.5 m.2850
Pipe 95x22.59522.545.5800 kg.21.9 m.8900
Pipe 100x2.51002.56.8120 kg.146.8 m.8900
Pipe 100x2.81002.86.7550 kg.148 m.7900
Pipe 100x310032.6050 kg.383.9 m.2850
Pipe 100x310037.2220 kg.138.5 m.7900
Pipe 100x7.51007.518.5100 kg.54 m.8500
Pipe 100x151001534.0300 kg.29.4 m.8500
Pipe 102x1.81021.84.4760 kg.223.4 m.7900
Pipe 105x2.51052.57.1610 kg.139.6 m.8900
Pipe 105x710576.1420 kg.162.8 m.2850
Pipe 105x17.510517.513.7100 kg.72.9 m.2850
Pipe 108x3.51083.59.0200 kg.110.9 m.7850
Pipe 108x4108410.2600 kg.97.5 m.7850
Pipe 108x5108512.7000 kg.78.7 m.7850
Pipe 108x9108922.1130 kg.45.2 m.7900
Pipe 110x101101024.8190 kg.40.3 m.7900
Pipe 115x711576.7690 kg.147.7 m.2850
Pipe 120x212025.8570 kg.170.7 m.7900
Pipe 120x6120616.9760 kg.58.9 m.7900
Pipe 120x7.51207.520.9410 kg.47.8 m.7900
Pipe 120x8.51208.523.5220 kg.42.5 m.7900
Pipe 120x101201030.7400 kg.32.5 m.8900
Pipe 125x4125413.5300 kg.73.9 m.8900
Pipe 125x12.512512.537.5300 kg.26.6 m.8500
Pipe 125x301253025.5170 kg.39.2 m.2850
Pipe 125x301253079.6400 kg.12.6 m.8900
Pipe 130x101301033.5300 kg.29.8 m.8900
Pipe 130x201302019.6980 kg.50.8 m.2850
Pipe 130x251302573.3500 kg.13.6 m.8900
Pipe 130x301303026.8600 kg.37.2 m.2850
Pipe 130x37.513037.531.0570 kg.32.2 m.2850
Pipe 133x1.51331.55.5120 kg.181.4 m.8900
Pipe 133x2.21332.27.1000 kg.140.8 m.7850
Pipe 133x5133515.7800 kg.63.4 m.7850
Pipe 135x27.513527.582.6100 kg.12.1 m.8900
Pipe 140x214026.8100 kg.146.8 m.7850
Pipe 140x5140516.7530 kg.59.7 m.7900
Pipe 140x151401516.7880 kg.59.6 m.2850
Pipe 145x101451037.7300 kg.26.5 m.8900
Pipe 145x32.514532.532.7360 kg.30.5 m.2850
Pipe 150x251502587.3300 kg.11.5 m.8900
Pipe 152x1.81521.86.6700 kg.149.9 m.7850
Pipe 159x215928.7750 kg.114 m.8900
Pipe 159x3.51593.513.4200 kg.74.5 m.7850
Pipe 159x4.51594.517.1500 kg.58.3 m.7850
Pipe 159x6159622.6400 kg.44.2 m.7850
Pipe 160x2.51602.511.0000 kg.90.9 m.8900
Pipe 160x8160830.1790 kg.33.1 m.7900
Pipe 160x101601040.0300 kg.25 m.8500
Pipe 165x2.51652.511.3500 kg.88.1 m.8900
Pipe 165x12.516512.550.8700 kg.19.7 m.8500
Pipe 165x251652531.3370 kg.31.9 m.2850
Pipe 165.1x5.9165.15.923.2000 kg.43.1 m.7850
Pipe 168x4168416.1800 kg.61.8 m.7850
Pipe 170x3170312.4340 kg.80.4 m.7900
Pipe 170x3017030117.4000 kg.8.5 m.8900
Pipe 175x12.517512.554.2100 kg.18.4 m.8500
Pipe 180x5180521.7160 kg.46 m.7900
Pipe 180x3018030120.1000 kg.8.3 m.8500
Pipe 182x3.51823.517.4600 kg.57.3 m.8900
Pipe 185x5185525.1500 kg.39.8 m.8900
Pipe 185x17.518517.581.9100 kg.12.2 m.8900
Pipe 185x22.518522.5102.2000 kg.9.8 m.8900
Pipe 190x3019030134.1000 kg.7.5 m.8900
Pipe 195x27.519527.5128.7000 kg.7.8 m.8900
Pipe 195x32.519532.5140.9000 kg.7.1 m.8500
Pipe 200x2020020100.6000 kg.9.9 m.8900
Pipe 200x3020030142.5000 kg.7 m.8900
Pipe 210x17.521017.530.1620 kg.33.2 m.2850
Pipe 210x3021030150.9000 kg.6.6 m.8900
Pipe 219x6219631.5200 kg.31.7 m.7850
Pipe 219x8219841.6300 kg.24 m.7850
Pipe 220x2522025136.2000 kg.7.3 m.8900
Pipe 220x302203051.0350 kg.19.6 m.2850
Pipe 230x27.523027.549.8600 kg.20.1 m.2850
Pipe 230x3023030167.7000 kg.6 m.8900
Pipe 240x22.524022.543.8160 kg.22.8 m.2850
Pipe 240x2524025150.2000 kg.6.7 m.8900
Pipe 244.5x5.9244.55.934.7000 kg.28.8 m.7850
Pipe 250x142501482.0010 kg.12.2 m.7900
Pipe 260x202602042.9770 kg.23.3 m.2850
Pipe 270x22.527022.549.8600 kg.20.1 m.2850
Pipe 273x8273852.2800 kg.19.1 m.7850
Pipe 280x17.528017.541.1300 kg.24.3 m.2850
Pipe 280x2028020145.3000 kg.6.9 m.8900
Pipe 290x152901536.9330 kg.27.1 m.2850
Pipe 290x202902048.3490 kg.20.7 m.2850
Pipe 323.9x8323.9862.3000 kg.16.1 m.7850
Pipe 325x6325647.2000 kg.21.2 m.7850
Pipe 325x7325754.9000 kg.18.2 m.7850
Pipe 355.6x4355.6434.6800 kg.28.8 m.7850
Pipe 355.6x4355.6434.7000 kg.28.8 m.7850
Pipe 377x7377763.8700 kg.15.7 m.7850
Pipe 377x103771090.5100 kg.11 m.7850
Pipe 406.4x5406.4549.5000 kg.20.2 m.7850
Pipe 406.4x6406.4659.2500 kg.16.9 m.7850
Pipe 406.4x7406.4768.9500 kg.14.5 m.7850
Pipe 426x6426662.1500 kg.16.1 m.7850
Pipe 426x7426772.3300 kg.13.8 m.7850
Pipe 478x94789104.1000 kg.9.6 m.7850
Pipe 478x1047810115.4200 kg.8.7 m.7850
Pipe 530x7530790.2900 kg.11.1 m.7850
Pipe 530x85308102.9900 kg.9.7 m.7850
Pipe 530x1953019239.4400 kg.4.2 m.7850
Pipe 530x2253022275.6200 kg.3.6 m.7850
Pipe 630x86308122.7200 kg.8.1 m.7850
Pipe 720x87208140.4700 kg.7.1 m.7850
Pipe 720x97209157.8100 kg.6.3 m.7850
Pipe 720x1072010175.1000 kg.5.7 m.7850
Pipe 720x2672026428.4900 kg.2.3 m.7850
Pipe 720x3072030510.4900 kg.2 m.7850
Pipe 813x1881318354.0000 kg.2.8 m.7850
Pipe 820x88208160.2000 kg.6.2 m.7850
Pipe 920x1292012268.7100 kg.3.7 m.7850
Pipe 1020x10102010249.0800 kg.4 m.7850
Pipe 1020x11102011273.7200 kg.3.7 m.7850
Pipe 1020x12102012298.3100 kg.3.4 m.7850
Pipe 1020x14102014347.3300 kg.2.9 m.7850
Pipe 1020x27102027661.2000 kg.1.5 m.7850
Pipe 1020x29102029708.7500 kg.1.4 m.7850
Pipe 1067x11106711186.0000 kg.5.4 m.7850
Pipe 1220x12122012357.4900 kg.2.8 m.7850
Pipe 1220x14122014416.3800 kg.2.4 m.7850
Pipe 1420x16142016554.0000 kg.1.8 m.7850
Pipe 1420x17142017588.2000 kg.1.7 m.7850
Pipe 2032x16203216795.0000 kg.1.3 m.7850
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