Metal sheet weight calculator

Dimensions and weight of sheet products from hot-rolled, galvanized, stainless steel and other metals and alloys
Sheet / Plate
Thin and heavy plate in the form of sheets and wide sheet strips, produced by rolling or forging.
The guide does not yet contain information on this type of rolled metal product., please use the calculation by dimenisions, or report the name of the standard, and we will definitely add it
Sheet dimensions
Cost of a ton at a price of      per meter, $:n/a
Price per meter of sheet at the cost of a ton     , $:n/a
Total weight of 6 meters of sheet, kg.:n/a
Total length of 1000 kilograms of sheet, m.:n/a
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NameSheet calculator (Sheet / Plate)
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Tables of weight of steel sheet according to technical standards from different steel grades

Sheet dimensionsWidth aThickness sWeight of 1 meter of the sheetMeters of 1 tonDensity, kg / m³
Sheet 500x1.85001.87.0650 kg.141.5 m.7850
Sheet 500x250027.8500 kg.127.4 m.7850
Sheet 500x2.25002.28.6350 kg.115.8 m.7850
Sheet 500x2.85002.810.9900 kg.91 m.7850
Sheet 500x3.55003.513.7380 kg.72.8 m.7850
Sheet 500x3.85003.814.9150 kg.67 m.7850
Sheet 500x4.55004.517.6630 kg.56.6 m.7850
Sheet 500x6500623.5500 kg.42.5 m.7850
Sheet 500x11.550011.545.1380 kg.22.2 m.7850
Sheet 530x1.35301.35.4090 kg.184.9 m.7850
Sheet 530x1.65301.66.6570 kg.150.2 m.7850
Sheet 530x3.55303.514.5620 kg.68.7 m.7850
Sheet 530x3.85303.815.8100 kg.63.3 m.7850
Sheet 530x4530416.6420 kg.60.1 m.7850
Sheet 530x9.55309.539.5250 kg.25.3 m.7850
Sheet 530x125301249.9260 kg.20 m.7850
Sheet 550x1.45501.46.0450 kg.165.4 m.7850
Sheet 550x1.55501.56.4760 kg.154.4 m.7850
Sheet 550x3550312.9530 kg.77.2 m.7850
Sheet 550x3.25503.213.8160 kg.72.4 m.7850
Sheet 550x3.55503.515.1110 kg.66.2 m.7850
Sheet 550x3.95503.916.8380 kg.59.4 m.7850
Sheet 550x5.35505.322.8830 kg.43.7 m.7850
Sheet 550x6.35506.327.2000 kg.36.8 m.7850
Sheet 550x8.55508.536.6990 kg.27.2 m.7850
Sheet 550x9550938.8580 kg.25.7 m.7850
Sheet 550x9.55509.541.0160 kg.24.4 m.7850
Sheet 550x11.555011.549.6510 kg.20.1 m.7850
Sheet 600x0.36000.30.4810 kg.2079 m.2850
Sheet 600x0.76000.71.1600 kg.862.1 m.2850
Sheet 600x0.86000.81.3230 kg.755.9 m.2850
Sheet 600x0.96000.91.4950 kg.668.9 m.2850
Sheet 600x1.86001.88.4780 kg.118 m.7850
Sheet 600x1.96001.93.1790 kg.314.6 m.2850
Sheet 600x2.56002.54.1930 kg.238.5 m.2850
Sheet 600x4600418.8400 kg.53.1 m.7850
Sheet 600x4.56004.521.1950 kg.47.2 m.7850
Sheet 600x560058.3870 kg.119.2 m.2850
Sheet 600x8600813.5090 kg.74 m.2850
Sheet 600x8.56008.540.0350 kg.25 m.7850
Sheet 600x9.56009.516.0960 kg.62.1 m.2850
Sheet 600x9.56009.544.7450 kg.22.3 m.7850
Sheet 600x10.560010.517.7770 kg.56.3 m.2850
Sheet 600x11.560011.554.1650 kg.18.5 m.7850
Sheet 630x1.26301.25.9350 kg.168.5 m.7850
Sheet 630x1.36301.36.4290 kg.155.5 m.7850
Sheet 630x1.56301.57.4180 kg.134.8 m.7850
Sheet 630x1.86301.88.9020 kg.112.3 m.7850
Sheet 630x2.26302.210.8800 kg.91.9 m.7850
Sheet 630x2.86302.813.8470 kg.72.2 m.7850
Sheet 630x4630419.7820 kg.50.6 m.7850
Sheet 630x5.36305.326.2110 kg.38.2 m.7850
Sheet 630x6.36306.331.1570 kg.32.1 m.7850
Sheet 630x7630734.6190 kg.28.9 m.7850
Sheet 630x7.56307.537.0910 kg.27 m.7850
Sheet 630x8630839.5640 kg.25.3 m.7850
Sheet 630x9630944.5100 kg.22.5 m.7850
Sheet 630x9.56309.546.9820 kg.21.3 m.7850
Sheet 630x106301049.4550 kg.20.2 m.7850
Sheet 630x126301259.3460 kg.16.9 m.7850
Sheet 650x2.26502.211.2260 kg.89.1 m.7850
Sheet 650x2.56502.512.7560 kg.78.4 m.7850
Sheet 650x4.56504.522.9610 kg.43.6 m.7850
Sheet 650x6.36506.332.1460 kg.31.1 m.7850
Sheet 650x7650735.7180 kg.28 m.7850
Sheet 650x9650945.9230 kg.21.8 m.7850
Sheet 650x126501261.2300 kg.16.3 m.7850
Sheet 670x1.86701.89.4670 kg.105.6 m.7850
Sheet 670x2670210.5190 kg.95.1 m.7850
Sheet 670x2.56702.513.1490 kg.76.1 m.7850
Sheet 670x3.56703.518.4080 kg.54.3 m.7850
Sheet 670x3.86703.819.9860 kg.50 m.7850
Sheet 670x3.96703.920.5120 kg.48.8 m.7850
Sheet 670x4670421.0380 kg.47.5 m.7850
Sheet 670x4.56704.523.6680 kg.42.3 m.7850
Sheet 670x5.56705.528.9270 kg.34.6 m.7850
Sheet 670x6670631.5570 kg.31.7 m.7850
Sheet 670x6.36706.333.1350 kg.30.2 m.7850
Sheet 670x8.56708.544.7060 kg.22.4 m.7850
Sheet 670x9.56709.549.9650 kg.20 m.7850
Sheet 700x2700210.9900 kg.91 m.7850
Sheet 700x3.87003.820.8810 kg.47.9 m.7850
Sheet 700x3.97003.921.4310 kg.46.7 m.7850
Sheet 700x5.57005.530.2230 kg.33.1 m.7850
Sheet 700x7700738.4650 kg.26 m.7850
Sheet 700x7.57007.541.2130 kg.24.3 m.7850
Sheet 700x9700949.4550 kg.20.2 m.7850
Sheet 700x127001265.9400 kg.15.2 m.7850
Sheet 710x1.67101.68.9180 kg.112.1 m.7850
Sheet 710x1.87101.810.0320 kg.99.7 m.7850
Sheet 710x3.57103.519.5070 kg.51.3 m.7850
Sheet 710x6.37106.335.1130 kg.28.5 m.7850
Sheet 750x2.27502.212.9530 kg.77.2 m.7850
Sheet 750x2.57502.514.7190 kg.67.9 m.7850
Sheet 750x2.87502.816.4850 kg.60.7 m.7850
Sheet 750x4.57504.526.4940 kg.37.7 m.7850
Sheet 750x5750529.4380 kg.34 m.7850
Sheet 750x5.37505.331.2040 kg.32 m.7850
Sheet 750x7.57507.544.1560 kg.22.6 m.7850
Sheet 750x8.57508.550.0440 kg.20 m.7850
Sheet 750x9750952.9880 kg.18.9 m.7850
Sheet 750x127501270.6500 kg.14.2 m.7850
Sheet 800x0.48000.40.8470 kg.1180.6 m.2850
Sheet 800x0.68000.61.2820 kg.780 m.2850
Sheet 800x1.58001.59.4200 kg.106.2 m.7850
Sheet 800x1.88001.83.9360 kg.254.1 m.2850
Sheet 800x2800212.5600 kg.79.6 m.7850
Sheet 800x4800425.1200 kg.39.8 m.7850
Sheet 800x4.58004.528.2600 kg.35.4 m.7850
Sheet 800x5800511.0990 kg.90.1 m.2850
Sheet 800x5800531.4000 kg.31.8 m.7850
Sheet 800x5.38005.333.2840 kg.30 m.7850
Sheet 800x5.58005.512.2740 kg.81.5 m.2850
Sheet 800x6800613.3640 kg.74.8 m.2850
Sheet 800x6800637.6800 kg.26.5 m.7850
Sheet 800x7.58007.547.1000 kg.21.2 m.7850
Sheet 800x9800920.1890 kg.49.5 m.2850
Sheet 800x9.58009.521.3370 kg.46.9 m.2850
Sheet 800x10.580010.523.5730 kg.42.4 m.2850
Sheet 800x10.580010.565.9400 kg.15.2 m.7850
Sheet 800x128001275.3600 kg.13.3 m.7850
Sheet 850x3.58503.523.3540 kg.42.8 m.7850
Sheet 850x3.98503.926.0230 kg.38.4 m.7850
Sheet 850x4850426.6900 kg.37.5 m.7850
Sheet 850x4.58504.530.0260 kg.33.3 m.7850
Sheet 850x5.38505.335.3640 kg.28.3 m.7850
Sheet 850x6.38506.342.0370 kg.23.8 m.7850
Sheet 850x8850853.3800 kg.18.7 m.7850
Sheet 850x10.585010.570.0610 kg.14.3 m.7850
Sheet 900x0.59000.51.2100 kg.826.4 m.2850
Sheet 900x0.89000.81.9300 kg.518.1 m.2850
Sheet 900x190012.4190 kg.413.4 m.2850
Sheet 900x1.29001.22.9340 kg.340.8 m.2850
Sheet 900x1.59001.53.6800 kg.271.7 m.2850
Sheet 900x1.59001.510.5980 kg.94.4 m.7850
Sheet 900x1.69001.611.3040 kg.88.5 m.7850
Sheet 900x1.99001.94.6840 kg.213.5 m.2850
Sheet 900x2.29002.215.5430 kg.64.3 m.7850
Sheet 900x2.59002.56.2020 kg.161.2 m.2850
Sheet 900x390037.4630 kg.134 m.2850
Sheet 900x490049.9850 kg.100.2 m.2850
Sheet 900x4.59004.531.7930 kg.31.5 m.7850
Sheet 900x5900535.3250 kg.28.3 m.7850
Sheet 900x6900642.3900 kg.23.6 m.7850
Sheet 900x7900717.6030 kg.56.8 m.2850
Sheet 900x7.59007.518.8930 kg.52.9 m.2850
Sheet 950x1.89501.813.4240 kg.74.5 m.7850
Sheet 950x2.59502.518.6440 kg.53.6 m.7850
Sheet 950x3.29503.223.8640 kg.41.9 m.7850
Sheet 950x3.59503.526.1010 kg.38.3 m.7850
Sheet 950x4950429.8300 kg.33.5 m.7850
Sheet 950x4.59504.533.5590 kg.29.8 m.7850
Sheet 950x5.59505.541.0160 kg.24.4 m.7850
Sheet 950x6950644.7450 kg.22.3 m.7850
Sheet 950x8.59508.563.3890 kg.15.8 m.7850
Sheet 950x11.595011.585.7610 kg.11.7 m.7850
Sheet 1000x0.310000.30.7580 kg.1319.3 m.2850
Sheet 1000x0.710000.71.8580 kg.538.2 m.2850
Sheet 1000x0.810000.82.1440 kg.466.4 m.2850
Sheet 1000x1100012.6870 kg.372.2 m.2850
Sheet 1000x1.510001.54.0880 kg.244.6 m.2850
Sheet 1000x1.810001.814.1300 kg.70.8 m.7850
Sheet 1000x2100025.4880 kg.182.2 m.2850
Sheet 1000x2.510002.56.8890 kg.145.2 m.2850
Sheet 1000x2.510002.519.6250 kg.51 m.7850
Sheet 1000x31000323.5500 kg.42.5 m.7850
Sheet 1000x3.210003.225.1200 kg.39.8 m.7850
Sheet 1000x4.510004.535.3250 kg.28.3 m.7850
Sheet 1000x51000513.8640 kg.72.1 m.2850
Sheet 1000x61000647.1000 kg.21.2 m.7850
Sheet 1000x6.310006.349.4550 kg.20.2 m.7850
Sheet 1000x71000754.9500 kg.18.2 m.7850
Sheet 1000x7.510007.520.9380 kg.47.8 m.2850
Sheet 1000x8.510008.523.7450 kg.42.1 m.2850
Sheet 1000x9.510009.574.5750 kg.13.4 m.7850
Sheet 1000x1010001078.5000 kg.12.7 m.7850
Sheet 1000x11.5100011.590.2750 kg.11.1 m.7850
Sheet 1100x1.411001.412.0890 kg.82.7 m.7850
Sheet 1100x1.511001.512.9530 kg.77.2 m.7850
Sheet 1100x1.611001.613.8160 kg.72.4 m.7850
Sheet 1100x2.211002.218.9970 kg.52.6 m.7850
Sheet 1100x31100325.9050 kg.38.6 m.7850
Sheet 1100x3.511003.530.2230 kg.33.1 m.7850
Sheet 1100x51100543.1750 kg.23.2 m.7850
Sheet 1100x5.511005.547.4930 kg.21.1 m.7850
Sheet 1100x61100651.8100 kg.19.3 m.7850
Sheet 1100x71100760.4450 kg.16.5 m.7850
Sheet 1100x7.511007.564.7630 kg.15.4 m.7850
Sheet 1100x81100869.0800 kg.14.5 m.7850
Sheet 1100x1011001086.3500 kg.11.6 m.7850
Sheet 1100x10.5110010.590.6680 kg.11 m.7850
Sheet 1100x11.5110011.599.3030 kg.10.1 m.7850
Sheet 1200x0.412000.41.2000 kg.833.3 m.2850
Sheet 1200x0.512000.51.5430 kg.648.1 m.2850
Sheet 1200x0.712000.72.2290 kg.448.6 m.2850
Sheet 1200x0.812000.82.5370 kg.394.2 m.2850
Sheet 1200x1.212001.23.8740 kg.258.1 m.2850
Sheet 1200x1.512001.54.8340 kg.206.9 m.2850
Sheet 1200x2120026.5140 kg.153.5 m.2850
Sheet 1200x3.512003.511.5200 kg.86.8 m.2850
Sheet 1200x41200413.1660 kg.76 m.2850
Sheet 1200x51200516.5600 kg.60.4 m.2850
Sheet 1250x1.512501.514.7190 kg.67.9 m.7850
Sheet 1250x1.612501.615.7000 kg.63.7 m.7850
Sheet 1250x2.812502.827.4750 kg.36.4 m.7850
Sheet 1250x71250768.6880 kg.14.6 m.7850
Sheet 1250x7.512507.573.5940 kg.13.6 m.7850
Sheet 1250x91250988.3130 kg.11.3 m.7850
Sheet 1400x0.614000.62.1790 kg.458.9 m.2850
Sheet 1400x0.814000.82.9590 kg.338 m.2850
Sheet 1400x1140013.6990 kg.270.3 m.2850
Sheet 1400x1.214001.24.4980 kg.222.3 m.2850
Sheet 1400x1.514001.55.5980 kg.178.6 m.2850
Sheet 1400x1.614001.65.9580 kg.167.8 m.2850
Sheet 1400x1.614001.617.5840 kg.56.9 m.7850
Sheet 1400x21400221.9800 kg.45.5 m.7850
Sheet 1400x3.514003.513.3950 kg.74.7 m.2850
Sheet 1400x4.514004.549.4550 kg.20.2 m.7850
Sheet 1400x51400519.2930 kg.51.8 m.2850
Sheet 1400x51400554.9500 kg.18.2 m.7850
Sheet 1400x6.314006.369.2370 kg.14.4 m.7850
Sheet 1400x91400998.9100 kg.10.1 m.7850
Sheet 1400x10.5140010.5115.3950 kg.8.7 m.7850
Sheet 1400x11140011120.8900 kg.8.3 m.7850
Sheet 1420x1.514201.516.7210 kg.59.8 m.7850
Sheet 1420x1.814201.820.0650 kg.49.8 m.7850
Sheet 1420x21420222.2940 kg.44.9 m.7850
Sheet 1420x2.814202.831.2120 kg.32 m.7850
Sheet 1420x3.514203.539.0150 kg.25.6 m.7850
Sheet 1420x6.314206.370.2260 kg.14.2 m.7850
Sheet 1420x10142010111.4700 kg.9 m.7850
Sheet 1420x10.5142010.5117.0440 kg.8.5 m.7850
Sheet 1425x0.614250.62.2180 kg.450.9 m.2850
Sheet 1425x0.814250.83.0120 kg.332 m.2850
Sheet 1500x0.515000.51.9280 kg.518.7 m.2850
Sheet 1500x0.615000.62.3350 kg.428.3 m.2850
Sheet 1500x1.215001.24.8190 kg.207.5 m.2850
Sheet 1500x1.515001.55.9970 kg.166.8 m.2850
Sheet 1500x1.615001.66.3820 kg.156.7 m.2850
Sheet 1500x1.815001.821.1950 kg.47.2 m.7850
Sheet 1500x21500223.5500 kg.42.5 m.7850
Sheet 1500x2.515002.510.1520 kg.98.5 m.2850
Sheet 1500x3.815003.844.7450 kg.22.3 m.7850
Sheet 1500x4.515004.552.9880 kg.18.9 m.7850
Sheet 1500x51500558.8750 kg.17 m.7850
Sheet 1500x5.515005.564.7630 kg.15.4 m.7850
Sheet 1500x61500670.6500 kg.14.2 m.7850
Sheet 1500x71500782.4250 kg.12.1 m.7850
Sheet 1500x7.515007.588.3130 kg.11.3 m.7850
Sheet 1500x915009105.9750 kg.9.4 m.7850
Sheet 1500x12150012141.3000 kg.7.1 m.7850
Sheet 1600x0.716000.72.9470 kg.339.3 m.2850
Sheet 1600x0.916000.93.8380 kg.260.6 m.2850
Sheet 1600x1160014.2260 kg.236.6 m.2850
Sheet 1600x1.616001.66.8070 kg.146.9 m.2850
Sheet 1600x1.816001.87.7210 kg.129.5 m.2850
Sheet 1600x1.916001.98.1780 kg.122.3 m.2850
Sheet 1600x2160028.5890 kg.116.4 m.2850
Sheet 1600x41600417.4980 kg.57.1 m.2850
Sheet 1600x4.516004.519.7820 kg.50.6 m.2850
Sheet 1600x4.516004.556.5200 kg.17.7 m.7850
Sheet 1600x5.516005.569.0800 kg.14.5 m.7850
Sheet 1600x6.316006.379.1280 kg.12.6 m.7850
Sheet 1600x9.516009.5119.3200 kg.8.4 m.7850
Sheet 1600x10160010125.6000 kg.8 m.7850
Sheet 1600x11.5160011.5144.4400 kg.6.9 m.7850
Sheet 1700x3.517003.546.7080 kg.21.4 m.7850
Sheet 1700x5.317005.370.7290 kg.14.1 m.7850
Sheet 1700x61700680.0700 kg.12.5 m.7850
Sheet 1700x6.317006.384.0740 kg.11.9 m.7850
Sheet 1700x7.517007.5100.0880 kg.10 m.7850
Sheet 1700x12170012160.1400 kg.6.2 m.7850
Sheet 1800x0.918000.94.2650 kg.234.5 m.2850
Sheet 1800x1.218001.25.7040 kg.175.3 m.2850
Sheet 1800x3.518003.517.1110 kg.58.4 m.2850
Sheet 1800x3.518003.549.4550 kg.20.2 m.7850
Sheet 1800x3.818003.853.6940 kg.18.6 m.7850
Sheet 1800x51800570.6500 kg.14.2 m.7850
Sheet 1800x5.318005.374.8890 kg.13.4 m.7850
Sheet 1800x5.518005.577.7150 kg.12.9 m.7850
Sheet 1800x7.518007.5105.9750 kg.9.4 m.7850
Sheet 1800x818008113.0400 kg.8.8 m.7850
Sheet 1800x8.518008.5120.1050 kg.8.3 m.7850
Sheet 1800x10180010141.3000 kg.7.1 m.7850
Sheet 1800x10.5180010.5148.3650 kg.6.7 m.7850
Sheet 1800x11.5180011.5162.4950 kg.6.2 m.7850
Sheet 1900x6.319006.393.9650 kg.10.6 m.7850
Sheet 1900x8.519008.5126.7780 kg.7.9 m.7850
Sheet 1900x919009134.2350 kg.7.4 m.7850
Sheet 2000x0.820000.84.1670 kg.240 m.2850
Sheet 2000x1200015.2520 kg.190.4 m.2850
Sheet 2000x1.520001.57.8780 kg.126.9 m.2850
Sheet 2000x1.620001.68.4490 kg.118.4 m.2850
Sheet 2000x42000421.8350 kg.45.8 m.2850
Sheet 2000x4.520004.524.6890 kg.40.5 m.2850
Sheet 2000x52000527.5150 kg.36.3 m.2850
Sheet 2000x6.320006.398.9100 kg.10.1 m.7850
Sheet 2000x920009141.3000 kg.7.1 m.7850
Sheet 2100x721007115.3950 kg.8.7 m.7850
Sheet 2100x10210010164.8500 kg.6.1 m.7850